Let’s meet the guys who make Darmata Fence the finest fence installation team in Jacksonville, FL. Licensed for more than 22 years, this family business is owned and operated by Daniel Darmata and James Rich. As first cousins and fourth-generation Cubs fans, they understand the importance of sticking together and working hard until the job is done.

Daniel Darmata grew up in Chicago, but he is proud to say that he’s bilingual- he can speak both North and South. He has 7 children. After 5 years in the corporate world, Daniel decided that he’d rather work directly for people, simply offering a service he knew he could provide well. Darmata Fence was created, and the company has been swinging for the fences ever since.

James Rich was born right here in Jacksonville and is also blessed with 7 children. After college, he worked for more than 16 years at Roadway Express, a Fortune 500 company. Detail-oriented and practically incapable of leaving a job unfinished, he strives to make your finished product look as good as possible. And after his work is complete and his customers are satisfied, he takes off his gloves and puts on his mitt, participating in multiple softball leagues.